It’s more longstanding name comes from the Navajo nation whereupon the mountain resides, Tsé Bitʼaʼí or "rock with wings”. This mountain isn’t just a “big cool rock” to the Navajos, it is a sacred place that is paramount to their very existence in this region.

Inn of Five Graces

With pottery from Afghanistan, mosaics with Mexican and Eastern flair, themes that depict Buddhist, Islamic, and Hindu all meshes together perfectly. You know, perhaps the way the world at large should be? 

Chama River & Steven Bundy Photography

You can do a half day float or a multi-day float, in either canoes or kayaks. There are also sections of the river for paddle boards that don't have the rapids included in the float trips. And apparently there's a section of River that isn't included in the tours because it's only suitable for expert whitewater rafters or kayakers. Sounds like fun to me!

New Mexico Has Lakes?

One of the places I’ve visited many times and sped past a million more times is Elephant Butte Lake. I've boated, fished, wakeboarded, camped, sat on the beach like a bum, swam, and done tons of other cool things there.

New Mexico Pride

I think most of you know that the New Mexico State flag has a symbol on it that's called the Zia symbol. And maybe a lot of you even know all the symbolism behind it. But if you don't, here is your chance to impress your friends and confound your enemies!

Santa Fe, My Old Friend

Santa Fe is an incredible place! It’s the oldest capital city in the United States and according to it is the 3rd oldest continuously occupied US city. How cool is that? To me, it’s pretty dang cool because I think of places like Plymouth or Jamestown being so old and historic, but Santa Fe predated them.