Our Mission

We love New Mexico. A lot. NM Life was started on various social media platforms to show the world the beauty and uniqueness of New Mexico. It wasn't long before NM Life began reaching millions of people a month, giving its followers content to share their New Mexico pride with world.

The founders of NM Life are also local entrepreneurs. Their goal is to help the local economy thrive by giving local businesses a unique way to reach customers while also attracting bright, motivated people from around the world to bring their talents to our state. 

NM Life - CCO

NM Life - CCO

Corey Walker

Corey has been involved in making apps since Apple began allowing 3rd party developers in 2010. As a speech-language pathologist he pioneered app making in his field with his company Synapse Apps. After selling hundreds of thousands of apps in the education realm, he has turned his focus to his first love...New Mexico. His mission is to show the world why New Mexico is truly deserving of the name, "The Land of Enchantment." He is also dedicated to building up local businesses and playing a role in making New Mexico the "Wild West of Entrepreneurship."